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[Manyo Factory] Proxyl AC Rescue Spot Patch 42ea

[Manyo Factory] Proxyl AC Rescue Spot Patch 42ea

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Made in Korea


Minjoo's comment

"I've used so many acne patches so far.
1. Thin patches like vinyl do not adhere well and do not have a good ability to absorb the wound's exudate.
2. Patches that are all thick all the way to the edges show off.
3. The size of the patch should be appropriate. If the patch size is too large, it is burdensome to use.
4. "Easy cut" should be possible. This is because touching the center of the patch with your hands is not hygienic.
I had the same experience as above, and this patch from Witch Factory is an acne patch that fits everything. It may not be a great product range, but since it is the most necessary product for acne, minor differences determine a lot."


  • Composition: 10mm x 15 patches x 2ea + 12mm x 12 patches
  • Use of pine tree extract and naturally derived resin
  • Moisture patch that covers troubled areas
  • Contains active ingredients that help soothe
  • A patch that is less noticeable on the exterior with the bubbling method

The breathable hydrocolloid patch covers troubled areas to prevent them from becoming patchy.
Tea tree oil and centella asiatica extract, which have excellent soothing effects, are concentrated in the center of the patch to effectively cover sensitive areas of concern.
Even if it is attached using the bubbling method, which concentrates the active ingredients in the center and thins the edges, it is less noticeable.
It is also not unreasonable to put on and apply makeup.
Easy to remove without touching the patch.

How to use
1. Apply the patch after washing your face and drying it. (Put it on before starting skin care.)
2. If the center of the patch becomes white and swollen, replace it.
*Carefully remove the patch from the edge.

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