A realistic and sure way to get rid of comedonal acne #1

A realistic and sure way to get rid of comedonal acne #1

*The information below is based on personal experience.

*by store manager Minjoo

Before : Dec.3 2022 / After : Dec. 31 2022

After getting covid, I suddenly got a lot of acne, as if I had a problem with my immune system. Even after 2-3 weeks, the condition of the skin got worse and did not improve at all.

So I used AHA and BHA products every evening. I used it every day, and once every 2-3 days, I wet a cotton pad and applied a toner pack. Also, I hydrated my skin with products that were full of moisture, and I made sure to apply sunscreen in the morning.


This comedonal acne occurs when sebum is secreted excessively, blocking the entrance of the narrow pore and causing sebum to accumulate in the hair follicle. It occurs when sebum secretion increases, when moisture is insufficient, or when the balance between oil and moisture is not correct.

Home care
Since most of the sebum is caused by the inability to get out of the narrow pores, it is necessary to remove unnecessary dead skin cells from the skin.
‘Exfoliation’ seems simple, but the skin should not be sensitive, so if you do a strong exfoliation all at once, it can put a strain on your skin. Chemical exfoliation using AHA, BHA or PHA ingredients is less taxing on the skin.

Recommended products
1. [COSRX] AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid

This product contains 78.05% apple water and 7% AHA. Apple water helps to clean pores, and AHA helps to gently dissolve dead skin cells on the epidermis.
How to use: Pump 2-3 times and apply at the essence stage. It is recommended to use it mainly in the evening. If you need a more powerful exfoliation, apply an adequate amount on a cotton pad and place it on the acne-prone area for 5-7 minutes.

2. [COSRX] AHA / BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

This product contains 74.55% Jeju mineral water, 10% white willow bark water, and 10% apple water. It is milder than product No. 1 and can be used by anyone as a daily product. It is recommended to use this product both morning and evening. (In the morning, of course, sunscreen should be applied.) After sufficiently dampening a cotton pad, apply it gently along the skin texture as if wiping it off. If you need soothing and pore cleansing, you can use a cotton pad as a toner pack. (Soak a cotton pad and place it on the pimple.)

3. [COSRX] Two-in-One Poreless BHA Power Liquid

This product contains 88% of white willow bark water and 0.1% of salicylic acid (natural BHA). It can be used both in the morning and evening. In the morning, it is recommended to use it as a toner by applying it on a cotton pad and wiping it off. (In the morning, of course, you should apply sunscreen.) In the evening, you can apply it at the essence stage or use it as a toner pack on troubled areas.

4. [The Onleaf] Vegan Heartleaf PHA Toner

This product contains plant-derived AHA and BHA ingredients, as well as a very mild PHA ingredient. As a very mild toner, anyone can use it, and it can be used casually in the morning and evening. It contains 20,000ppm of niacinamide, a whitening functional ingredient, so it can prevent acne scars and pigmentation.

Whatever the product, it is recommended to use it consistently every day. And after exfoliating, your skin needs to be hydrated. It is recommended to apply additional moisturizing essence and cream.

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